5 Reasons You Need a Recliner

5 Reasons You Need a Recliner

All sorts of furniture have their unique place in a household. Some are aimed at décor, some at necessity and some for pure comfort and bliss. One of the following furniture is a recliner and we are pretty sure you have seen them around. It could have been in a friend’s lounge or even one that your father has in his balcony. A recliner can be used for multiple purposes, and if you either have never thought of having one or are still dubious about buying a recliner let us list down five very good reasons you “need” – not just want- a recliner.

Let us start with what a recliner is really- it’s an armchair or something along the lines of a sofa that reclines backwards when the person sitting on them lowers the back of the chair and raises its front. A recliner has many useful and comfort-inducing features and it is perhaps the most flexible and adjustable piece of furniture despite its excessive site. A recliner is also called a reclining chair, an armchair or even a double recliner or loveseat as they are called. The last term should clue you in as to where to put it inside your house.

Now they have been extremely popular, especially among people who want to step away from conventional chairs. If you feel like the stiff chair with a straight back isn’t cutting it out for you, this is a more comfortable alternative that also has some useful health benefits. For your interior design it can both be a brilliant addition and bring a wholesome feel to your place. There are many reasons why we place such a high value on this.

1. Amazing Features

A recliner has a list of amazing features that are not available in any other lounge or household furniture. First off, it has a backrest that can be tilted back to support you in a reclining position. This is complemented by a footrest that extends from underneath the chair to support the ultimate partially slouched position. Also the modern recliner will have an adjustable headrest that can be tilted further back to let you take a brief nap or forward so you can watch your television. They have lumbar support and independent footstools to adjust the weight and angle of the person sitting on it.

If none of these impress you, recliners also have massaging options, vibrating options and excessive heating to keep you cosy. It is no wonder they have taken over homes, and can even be found in hospitals, retirement houses, trains and airplanes.

2. Providing Extra Comfort

Most of the people that make the decision to buy one do so for comfort purposes especially when they need support while sitting. This could be due to age, ailment or simple tiredness but the extra support it provides both when standing and trying to sit or sitting down and needing to rest back are extremely nice. This is one reason why you should prefer it over a typical lounge chair. The stress on your body while getting up from a chair or sitting down is minimized. Also the number of positions it provides is multiple, and you can recline on it, put your feet up or even take a nap in a supine position. There are varieties of recliners and electric recliners are generally seen as the best of their kind. The composition of the chair also has a lot to do why it is so comfy. It is designed to be adaptable to human bodies and the fabric used is extremely soft-textured, even if it is leather. The seat is comfortably cushioned and so are the headrests and armrests.

3. It Could Help You with Your Health

Recliners also help with your physical health and well-being especially if you have body aches and pains, especially back aches or swollen legs. This is because recliners distribute body weight evenly and alleviate pressures from muscle joints. They can also help you with your posture. So if you either have a condition such as arthritis, back ache, poor joints or poor circulation your regular furniture will not help you in any way but recliners can cause temporary relief and even maintain good body postures to prevent the onslaught of these complications. If you are the kind of person that likes to spend extra time sitting or it is the nature of your job to sit down for long hours, this can provide you with the ability to move and improve blood circulation in your body.

4. Stylish and Artistically Designed

You need a recliner because it looks great in the lounge. Perhaps, not a reason you would have expected but when you look at the huge range of choices for recliners available you will see they come in all sorts of designs and styles to complement your house, your décor and yourself. You can choose your own fabric, your own colour for the recliner and also the kinds of reclining actions you would prefer. The sizes also vary as do the number of motors in recliners and they can even be customized. You can also pick up a recliner cover or slipcover for your existing lounger that feature some awesome designs, learn more here.

5. They Are Designed Unlike Anything Else

You must have heard about supportive seating or fluffy armchairs, or you may know some people who need support while sitting down or getting up. Recliners do not just come as armchairs, they also come as rise armchairs/ lift chairs for the elderly where they can help them stand up and get some independence and that is why they are unlike anything else on the market. The potential of these chairs is phenomenal and a quality recliner will support your back for as many hours as you chose to sit down for. There whole design revolves around perfecting your posture and sitting position, to provide comfort and there are so many adjustments you can make to either sit upright, recline flatly or raised forwards. If you are a TV enthusiast, it can be your lounger and if you are reaching the age where your knees hurt, you need for health and comfort benefits alike.

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