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Full Review ACME Furniture 59415 Oliver Oversized Glider Recliner (Motion), Chocolate Corduroy

Beyond houses, cars, and appliances, furniture is pretty much one of the biggest investments any of us will make. Full furniture sets can easily cost thousands of dollars, and even individual pieces of furniture can be quite expensive.

Because of this, it’s important to have a good idea of what furniture will work best for you – before you make your first investment.

This is especially true with wide recliners– these large, heavy pieces of furniture can get quite expensive, and will usually be heavily used, making high quality and longevity extremely important when picking the right chair.

That’s why we’re here with this in-depth, comprehensive review of the Full Review ACME Furniture Oliver Oversized Glider Recliner (Motion), Chocolate Corduroy. By taking a deep look at the construction, materials, and features of this recliner, we can help you understand if it’s worth your money, and give you a better idea of what to expect from oversized recliners.


This comfortable chair is crafted from a smooth, corduroy microfiber material that is quite attractive to look at and comes in both a deep brown and a greenish-gray sage.

The material feels soft to the touch, and the corduroy texture is narrow-waled, giving the fabric a great texture without deep, uncomfortable ridges found in some other corduroy textiles.

The corduroy material also feels quite thick and durable, sewn into place with hidden-stitched seams for an overall durable design that holds up well to extensive wear.

One drawback of the corduroy design is that this chair is a bit more difficult to clean than smooth chairs – rags can have a hard time getting in between the ridges, and vacuums often fail to gain great suction on corduroy fabric.

However, the fact that the corduroy can stand up to heavy use without losing color or becoming distressed help make up for this.


This chair doesn’t go overboard with padding – think Goldilocks. Your normal, slim recliner is in one corner – not a lot of padding to speak of. Not quite right. In the other corner is a gigantic, overstuffed recliner that you can barely sit in because of how massively it’s padded. Not quite right, either.

In the middle is this oversized recliner. Though the back, arms, and seat of the chair are certainly stuffed plentifully with a high-density foam enveloped in the high-quality corduroy fabric, this recliner doesn’t go overboard, maintaining a rather slim aesthetic as well as offering plenty of padding and support.

The cushions themselves are fantastic quality – unlike some overstuffed recliners which have loose padding that shifts around within the cushions themselves, these cushions are wrapped tightly and offer plentiful support without getting squashed by long-term usage.

Quality of Build

This recliner is built of a lightweight metal-and-wood frame, and with an all-metal recliner mechanism, giving it great durability at a surprisingly light weight which makes it easy to move, if necessary.

The construction feels sturdy – there is no creaking or wobbling while sitting in the chair, and there are no worrying burst seams or loose threads.

The reclining mechanism is smooth and swift, popping the leg rest up easily with a simple pull of the side-lever. This recliner offers the standard three levels of reclination – normal seating, reclined feet, and fully reclined “bed-style” reclination.

Given the overall sturdiness of the build, the tightly constructed cushions, and great padding, this oversized recliner certainly offers a great combination of value and durability.

Style and Design

As mentioned a bit in the padding section, this chair is quite attractive and streamlined compared to many oversized recliners. The subtly stuffed arms, back, and leg rest blend with the smooth lines of the corduroy fabric to create a refined, upscale look that can easily fit in with just about any kind of decor.

This model of recliner features a large foot rest – stretching the entire width of the chair. This allows for plenty of angles at which to place your feet and makes it easier for larger persons to be accommodated on the chair.

While it may not be the fanciest chair on the market, its subtle and understated design makes it a great choice for anyone looking for an attractive, reasonably priced oversized recliner.


This chair is quite small compared to some of the other choices on our list – the seat is not very wide, though it is quite deep, and the arms are quite wide and stretch into the seating area.

The chair isn’t small – it’s certainly large enough for any grown adult, and even for those of us who may be a bit on the larger side – but given its design and lightweight frame, you’re not going to be able to fit two adults on here. An adult and a child could fit, but it would likely be a tight squeeze.

However, this smaller size means that this chair is appropriate for smaller rooms and apartments where a gigantic overstuffed chair wouldn’t fit, so it’s still a great value and choice for anyone who may not have the room to spare for a gigantic oversized recliner.

Extra Features

The smaller size and lightweight design of this chair allow it to incorporate one of the very best recliner features out there – a rocker.

The rocker allows for a subtle rocking motion both when sitting normally and reclined, and feels sturdy – no shaking or wobbling while rocking, just a smooth back-and-forth motion.


This is a fantastic chair for anyone with a smaller room – or the preference for a smaller chair – who still wants the full oversized recliner experience. The lightweight design, great fabric choice, and high-quality padding and build of this chair make it an excellent choice.

Though it may lack some of the showiness of a more expensive recliner, this chair is great at the only thing some people want from a recliner – relaxation.

While sitting on the soft, supportive cushions and rocking back and forth on the rocker, you’ll feel totally at ease. That’s a rarity nowadays, and one of the biggest reasons we’d recommend this oversized recliner.

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