The Best Recliner Covers and Slipcovers

Let’s face it – recliners can get grubby. Whether it’s a natural leather model, textile, or any other kind of recliner, after you’ve used your favorite chair for a while, it could probably use a little sprucing up.

One way to clean up your recliner is by cleaning it with some kind of all-purpose furniture cleaner, but that can take a while, and leave your favorite chair out of commission while it dries. Plus, after you’ve cleaned a recliner a few times, it might start looking a little raggedy and long in the tooth.

Top 3 Covers for Recliners

Cover NameMaterialWater ResistantDetails
Sofa Shield - Furniture ProtectorFabricYes
Furniture FreshMicro-suedeNo
Stretch SensationsPolyester-blendNo

If you need to refresh your favorite recliner with a new look – or you’re looking to protect your newest investment, a recliner cover can be a great investment.

But there are quite a few products out there – so it’s sometimes hard to tell which cover is right for your specific make and model, or which one you might prefer. We’ll take a look at some of the basics about recliner covers, and then talk about which ones are the best on the market if you’re looking to spruce up your favorite chair.

#1 - Sofa Shield Recliner Cover

recliner chair coversThis furniture by SOFA SHIELD is designed for maximum protection, with a high quality, quilted textile design that adds visual interest to your recliner, and protects it from spills and wear while adding a pop of color to your favorite chair.

It’s also reversible – great if you don’t want to wash your furniture protector too much, or if you like adjusting the colors of your furniture.

However, unlike the Furniture Fresh protector, this cover features no non-stick backing – given its reversible design – so it’s not appropriate for leather recliners, as the elastic closure on this cover has a tendency to slip and slide around on slick leather.

It’s machine washable, too, so you can feel free to toss it in the washer when it starts to get a little dirty, and line-dry and replace in a snap. It’s designed for recliners that are up to 22” in width, though it can fit on larger chairs if you don’t mind less arm protection.

This is a great product if you are using a textile recliner and are looking for a high quality quilted liner that can help add some visual flair and protection to your favorite chair.

recliner seat coversThis product by Furniture Fresh is a fantastic example of “one-size-fits-all” recliner protectors. It features both a high-quality elastic strap and a thick layer of non-slip backing to make it appropriate for recliners of just about any size, shape, and material. These will even cover your larger recliners, like these, which is a huge bonus. This furniture protector is crafted out of a high-quality microsuede material designed for both comfort and protection – the fleecy microsuede is comfortable on the skin, and doesn’t get too hot, unlike some other products on the market.

Microsuede also provides a good amount of water-resistance, providing protection against accidental spills by allowing the liquid to pool on the surface, and not soak into the recliner material itself. It’s not fully waterproof, however – so don’t let the liquid soak in past the microsuede liner.

And if a spill does happen, this cover is totally machine washable – just take it off the recliner, run it through, and dry it on a line to be back in action in no time.

The inside seat cushion measures 23” in width, so it’s appropriate for just about every standard-sized recliner on the market.

#3 - Stretch Sensations Slipcover

a recliner slipcoverThis slipcover by Stretch Sensations is one of the best “one-size-fits-all” slipcovers on the market, as its unique 96% polyester 4% spandex construction allows it to stretch to accommodate most standard recliners. Available in 3 colors, the quality fabric features a geometric diamond pattern for a subtle, understated look that helps break up the monotone coloration of the color This cover comes in 4 sections, covering the foot section of the recliner, the seat, arms, and back, so it’s easy enough to install. However, the one-size-fits-all design means it’s generously proportioned, so if your recliner is smaller than average, you may notice some slouching or loose fabric – this cover is designed to stretch, so if it doesn’t, it can look a little bit shabby. Overall, this is certainly one of the best, most affordable products if you’re looking for a great all-over furniture slipcover for your recliner. To note these aren’t really ideal for dual recliner chairs, they don’t fit quite as well, it’s almost like stuffing a sausage. 

The Basics of Recliner Covers

There are two basic types of recliner covers – Slipcovers and Furniture Protectors

Slipcovers are exactly what they sound like – these all-encompassing covers are generally made of a stretchy, durable textile material, and are designed to function as a sort of “second-skin,” or replace the slipcover that’s currently on your recliner.

The primary advantage of slipcovers is that they typically fit very close to the recliner, and allow you to totally cover up your recliner for maximum protection and aesthetic appeal.

However, leads to their primary disadvantage – they can be extremely frustrating to try to get on. While recliners are often built with similar proportions, no slipcover out there can truly offer a “one-size-fits-all” option, so if you don’t know the exact measurements of your recliner, you might purchase a slipcover that’s far too small for your chair, and be unable to use it.

Furniture Protectors are somewhat different – rather than offering all-around protection, these covers are built to protect the parts of your recliner that suffer the most wear, by offering extra padding and protection to the seat, reclining back, arms, and legs of the recliner.

The main advantage furniture protectors have is that they almost always fit correctly – using elastic straps and other measures of securing these devices, they can fit onto just about any recliner – though sometimes they can be too slippery for use on leather recliners – and because of this, you won’t have to worry about getting a cover that won’t fit your recliner.

Furniture protectors can also be washed much more easily than slipcovers, as you can just detach the elastic straps and toss them in the washing machine – slipcovers require quite a bit more effort to both remove and reattach.

Naturally, the primary disadvantage of furniture covers is that they don’t provide an all-around fit – parts of the original recliner will be exposed. This is fine if your recliner looks good, but those who need a little more coverage will probably want to opt for a full-coverage slipcover.

So What’s Right For Me?

That depends mostly on your recliner, and on your personal preferences. Both protect your recliner from damage, and both can help spruce up an older, more ragged recliner. Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste, but we’ll take a look at some products from both types of recliner covers.


If you’re invested in the future of your recliner, a slipcover or furniture protector is a great choice. These textiles help protect your recliner if it’s new or help give it new life if it’s well-worn and in need of a makeover. So check these recommendations out, and find a great cover for your recliner today.

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