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If you’re looking for pure, unadulterated comfort, you probably want an oversized recliner. These large, pillowy-soft relaxation stations boast luxuriously padded backs and arms, high backs, and long leg rests to give whoever sits in them an almost bed-like feeling of comfort and relaxation. This makes them a great comfort piece to put in living rooms, dens, or man caves.

But just like every product out there, not every oversized recliner is built alike. There are a huge variety of options, all of different sizes and styles, and with different functions and features. It can be a little bit scary to try to pick the right chair, given the huge amount of variation (and high price range) of the options on the market today. That’s why we created a buyer’s guide to determine the best features to look for and determine what makes the best big man recliner.

Well, no need to worry – in this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the basics about recliner construction, materials, style, size, and features. We are going to educate you about the recliners you can find on the market today so that you can be perfectly equipped to understand the market and pick the perfect option for your situation.

Recliner NameWeightMaterialDimensions 
Signature Design by Ashley Hogan Collection129 lbsPolyester59 x 44 x 41 inches
Simmons Mocha Cuddler105 lbsLeather50 x 42 x 30 inches
Flash Furniture Rocker94.5 lbsMicrofiber67 x 39 x 48 inches
Signature Design by Ashley Chocolate Manual144 lbsFabric59 x 42 x 39 inches
Acme Glider 93 lbsCorduroy46 x 40 x 41 inches

Also, we’ll take a look at some of the leading oversized recliners on the market, in a variety of different shapes, styles, and materials to help you get a feel for what kind of recliner will work best for you.

Top 5 Oversized Recliners of 2017!

1. Signature Design by Ashley Oversized Recliner

big man reclinerThis recliner by Signature Design by Ashley is a great example of a stylish, modern oversized recliner. Despite its large size, this chair is built out of a tasteful brown mocha polyester fabric which is smooth to the touch and lends some interesting visual texture to the overstuffed shoulder, neck, and arms sections.

It’s built very well, too – a solid, corner-blocked metal frame ensures great durability, and the seat and back cushions are tightly crafted from high-resiliency foam wrapped in a thick polyester fiber for a comfortable feel and plenty of longevity.

Reclining motion is activated by a side pull-tab, and feels quite smooth and strong, with a satisfying “click” upon activation and a quick action that slides out without catching or hiccuping. Lean back to push the seat into full recline mode, and enjoy the relaxation.

The rounded, contemporary design of this oversized recliner, combined with its high-quality build and comfortable construction make it a great choice for more upscale or contemporarily decorated family rooms, so it’s a fantastic choice if you love big recliners, but not the classic “man cave” style associated with them.

oversized chair2. Simmons Upholstery Phoenix Mocha Big Man Recliner

The Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner by Simmons Upholstery is a fantastic, lower-priced leather option that features a beautiful, modern construction, and a durable, long-lived frame.

Built out of a heavy gauge steel frame with an all-steel reclining mechanism, this chair feels heavy and solid – but the back comes out if you need to reduce weight so that you can have an easier time moving it around. The frame also is built with a rocker base so that you can rock back and forth easily – the motion feels very secure, not at all wobbly or unsteady.

The reclining mechanism, as mentioned, is quite robust, and the handle-activated reclining mechanism is easy to use, and quickly responsive. It feels as if it can easily handle tens of thousands of uses.

The cushions are similarly high quality, built out of a high-density foam with inbuilt sinuous wire springs in a pocketed coil design that provides plenty of support and softness with very little bounciness.

The attractive leather finish, high-quality frame and cushions, and Made in the USA quality of this oversized recliner by Simmons Upholstery make it a great choice for anyone looking for a great quality, yet reasonably priced leather recliner. Leather albeit a great option, consider buying a recliner cover or slipcover if you have animals, as their sharp nails can rip the fabric with ease.

3. Flash Furniture Snuggler Recliner

wide recliner


This recliner by Flash Furniture likely won’t win any beauty contests – but who cares? It’s unique, bulbous look is due to the hugely padded and soft cushion design, built to offer maximum support and comfort to every part of the body while seated.

The soft suede microfiber upholstery is soft and beautiful and contains a massive amount of soft foam padding. The metal frame feels high-quality and quite heavy, and the base of the chair has a rocker unit built in, so you can rock back and forth to your heart’s content.

The reclining mechanism is easy to use, with a classic side lever opening that opens with a satisfying thunk and closes easily with some gentle leg pressure.

For a great balance of comfort and affordability, this oversized recliner is not to be missed.

4. Signature Design by Ashley Extra Wide Recliner

oversized recliner

This oversized recliner by Signature Design by Ashley is probably the largest one on our list – customers report being able to easily fit two full-sized adults on the chair if they don’t mind close contact – and though it’s pricey, the durable construction and premium leather are well worth it.

The construction, as mentioned, is fantastic – a corner-blocked metal frame features a metal-reinforced seat and footrest to ensure durability on the most-used parts of the chair, and the back and seat cushions are built of high-resiliency foam wrapped tightly with a thick polyester fiber to provide dual-layer support.

The leather itself is also fabulous – the interior of the chair is built of a full-grain leather has a deep shine and luster that only gets better with age, and the exterior upholstery is made of a vinyl substitute that’s been perfectly colored to match the leather interior.

It doesn’t come cheap, but if the price is no object and you’re looking for an extremely roomy and well-built oversized recliner, this is a fantastic choice.

5. ACME Furniture Big and Tall Recliner

This chair by ACME Furniture is as simple as it is comfortable, built out of a beautiful corduroy textile over a wood and metal frame, with a high-quality rocking base that allows for plenty of soothing, relaxing rocking motion.

The overstuffed cushions and armrests are comfortable and soft, with just enough support that you never feel like you’re sinking into them. The reclining mechanism is the standard side-activated “lever button” and activates quickly, with a satisfying click.

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, and this chair is proof – with an understated design, hugely comfortable cushions, and a top-of-the-line reclining mechanism, this is one of the best textile oversized recliners in its price range, and highly recommended if you like its simplicity, beauty, and unique corduroy fabric design.

Big and Tall Recliners Buyer’s Guide

While shopping for an oversized recliner is relatively intuitive, there are still several important things to consider when making your selection.

Oversized recliners are also extremely versatile – they’re large and comfortable enough to be easily used as beds, whether for a nap in front of the game or for some casual guests who need a place to stay for a night. If you have a special someone in your life consider buying a double recliner and share your relaxation with your loved one.


Material is probably one of the biggest considerations to bear in mind when shopping for a recliner. There are two primary styles of material on the market – leather and textiles.

Textiles are typically found on lower-priced recliners, though some high-end recliners incorporate a quality textile into their design.

The primary advantage of textiles over leather is the warm, fuzzy texture of textile fabrics, and the fact that even in cold or hot climates, textiles are relatively poor conductors of heat – they won’t feel too warm in the summer or feel cold to the touch in the winter.

In addition, textiles are less expensive, and can usually be covered more easily with slipcovers and recliner protectors, whereas leather is sometimes too slippery for slipcovers and elastic recliner protectors to be secured correctly.

Leather is found on higher-end oversized recliners, especially if it’s full-grain leather, which can be quite pricey. On lower-end models, leather is usually a bonded leather – a thin layer of leather blended with artificial textiles for a finish that, while boasting most of the great properties of leather – is much less expensive.



The main advantage that leather has over textiles is ease-of-maintenance – unlike textiles, leather is very easy to care for, with no vacuuming, washing of covers, or stain removal necessary. Spills and stains can be wiped up with just a clean rag or paper towel.

Leather can also usually last much longer than textiles, which is another reason it’s often found in more expensive recliners. With just a bit of leather oil, time, and care, a high-quality leather recliner can easily look great for a decade or more.

Mostly, the choice between the two materials depends on your personal preference and price range – there isn’t really a “best” material, just one that you might prefer over the other.


The style is less of a consideration among overstuffed/oversized recliners – most recliners out there put more of a premium on style over comfort, and oversized recliners are a great example of this.

Generally, they’re built out of extremely cushioned, padded materials, and aren’t exactly the most eye-catching piece of furniture out there. There are some exceptions, however – large, oversized recliners that still manage to be stylish – but if you’re looking for style, you might want a more normally-sized recliner, rather than a large, overstuffed model.

Rockers and Swivels

Rockers and swivels are both common on recliners, and both can be found on oversized recliners. If you are after a regular swivel style recliner, consider checking out our reviews.

Swivels allow the entire chair to rotate 360 degrees, giving you a great amount of control over the positioning and line-of-sight of your chair. While they are common on normally sized recliners, they’re much more rare on oversized recliners, for an obvious reason – Oversized recliners are quite heavy. Swivels consist of a sturdy metal ring upon which the entire recliner rests. Most swivels simply can’t handle the weight of an oversized recliner and a person sitting in it, so this feature is only found in expensive and specialized oversized recliners.

Rockers are much more common on oversized recliners, as they’re mechanically much more simple and easier to implement. As the name would suggest, these devices allow the chair to rock back and forth in a gentle motion, which can be quite relaxing when the recliner is lowered all the way. Even on lower-end recliners, you can expect to find rocking features.


Can you guess how big oversized recliners usually are? If your guess was “oversized” – congratulations! You win a prize.

Seriously, though – a lot of these recliners are seriously large, and the amount of space that you have to dedicate to an oversized recliner should be a consideration.


This is especially true because most recliners can’t be put very close to the wall, unlike couches – the reclining mechanism requires the chair itself to lean back, which takes up a lot more space and means you have to keep the recliner farther away from the wall.

Still, there is a good amount of variation in the sizing of oversized recliners – some focus more on padding than sheer size and bulk, and others are less well padded, but nearly on par with some double/loveseat recliners when it comes to overall seating footprint.

So depending on your needs and limitations, size may be a factor for you when purchasing an oversized recliner.


Oversized recliners aren’t just for the man-cave anymore – today’s modern, updated versions of this comfortable classic are huge, comfortable, and durable, and offer fantastic value. Hopefully, our guide and product recommendations have been helpful to you as you continue to look for the oversized recliner that’s perfect for you.

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