RV Recliner Chairs and Wall Hugger Reviews

With the advent of technology and innovation, people have mastered innovating house furniture into something that provides more convenience. Convenience, by all means, is a topmost feature for any home furniture as it should provide you a comfortable life. After all, what innovation does is to discover and create more avenues and tools that can bring about the betterment of life.

With these things in mind, ordinary chairs have now become reclining chairs or simply RV recliners. This type of chair allows someone who is sitting to lower down the chair’s back and raise it when needed. This buying guide enumerates the different kinds of RV recliners you can choose from depending on your preference.

The Best RV Recliner Reviews of 2017!

RV recliner1. Red Leather Wall Hugger Recliner Club Chair

If you want an RV recliner that is fresh-looking and that can add a classy vibe to any living space, Red Leather Recliner Club Chair is a must-have. It is covered by PU leather with a wood frame that is very easy to clean up.

Its striking color of red adds so much vitality while keeping the room clean with a touch of elegance. Normal RV recliners have neutral tones, but this red leather upholstered recliner is truly a bomb.

2. Swivel Glider RV Recliner Chair

reclining chairMost of the best-selling recliners now are those that can fit into small spaces such as in recreational vehicles or RVs. Your best option if you are looking for a recliner that can suit to limited spaces is Swivel Glider Recliner Chair.

This recliner has a unique modular design that can make installation in RVs so much easier. The clearance to recline only needs 12 inches which justify its ability to fit in into small areas.

A smaller recliner also makes the assembly time plain sailing as it only needs around five minutes to assemble. What more as it has a swivel, hence revolving around in a tiny space is a piece of cake for this recliner.

RV recliners buying guide3. Majestic Chocolate Push Back Small Recliner

One of the best things you need to consider in an RV recliner is the quality of the cushion or the foam. A high-density cushion makes it so comfortable for anyone sitting on it, because it will not draw you to it as you attempt to stand up.

The Majestic Chocolate Push Back Recliner is such a feasible option if you are looking for a high-density cushion for a recliner. It can be pushed back until 63 inches depth and is high-density, so this is truly a must-have not only that it has a sleek and stylish color.

reclining furniture4. Zero Wall Recliner Chair for Camper

Zero Wall Recliner Chair is closely the same to the Swivel Glider Recliner Chair as it is also the best buy for those looking for a recliner that can fit into RVs and small spaces. They have the same 12 inches clearance to recline, and both their sizes make assembly time undemanding.

Furthermore, what makes this chair astounding is its color. It comes in toffee color and adds so much zest into any space. This RV recliner is also space-sensitive, although it does not have a swivel like the Swivel Glider Recliner Chair.

5. Manual Wall Recliner Chair 

slim reclining chairPerfect for home theatre or TV watching, the Manual Recliner Chair Black Lounger Leather Sofa Seat Home Theater is a superb recommendation. It is upholstered in PU leather and has steel mechanism. The color is favorable in any home theater room. Also, its huge size makes it so good for entertainment rooms.

The design of this recliner is perfect for TV watching because it has a long headrest which you can also navigate through the lever in the side part of the chair. No wonder this recliner is considered a best-seller.


RV Recliner Buying Guide

Here are your top considerations when choosing the right RV recliner for you:

  • Mobility Within The Area

Any home furniture should provide not only comfort but also the convenience. There are different sizes of RV recliners that depend on the need of the customers. There are RV recliners for single seating and also for multiple seating, but don’t expect something like the size of a loveseat. Now, taking note of the size of an RV recliner that you want, you should consider its mobility.

You may choose those that can be moved around, and not just dragged and carried. Thus, casters or swivels must be a feature. There are home furniture manufacturers now that produce overstuffed fabric and thick padded leather RV recliners with casters or swivels.

However, not all RV recliners have casters or swivels. Hence, you need to choose those with a weight that can easily be dragged or carried.

  • Design Complement

When you are looking to buy an RV recliner, you need to consider its aesthetic. The design that you must choose is something that is not only good-looking. It should also be versatile in its design that it can match the current design of your interiors. You can find RV recliners on the market that have deep-toned and muted-toned colors like red, black, tan, and other cream colors that usually match any existing decor or wall color.

Other than that, any RV recliner should also be prim and crisp in color. It should evoke a classy vibe that can go well with most interiors. While there are those that have appealing patterns, but they do not provide much versatility in its design. You must stick to colors that can easily go with the existing decor and color that you have at home.

  • Clearance to Recline

Always keep in mind when buying RV recliners is that one of the topmost things you need to consider is clearance to recline. This means that you need to check on its approximate measurements in correlation to its size, so you will know if it can fit well in the area you want it to place.

As a buyer, you have an option to place it in front of a wall or the middle of the room. The choice is yours, but you need to make sure that it does not eat up a lot of space. In fact, there are recliners called wall hugger recliners that are usually used in apartments. This kind of recliner uses a gliding mechanism that pushes the bottom part of the chair forward while the back tilts enough that it consumes only a little space.

  • Easiness to Clean-Up

Usually, RV recliners come in big sizes, so one important thing to consider is its easiness to clean-up. Consider an RV recliner that does not require too much tidying that eventually needs overall washing.

The RV recliner that you need to opt to should be made of fabric that does not easily draw dirt, or worse, stains. Best examples of these types of fabric are PU leather, espresso faux leather, and polyhyde upholstery.

Moreover, other things you need to consider when it comes to cleaning up an RV recliner is its ability to resist color fading. Color fading usually happens to an RV recliner when it has been cleaned up and wiped off multiple times. Most of the times, you will be maintaining its look and cleanliness by wiping it, so one that does not easily fades its color is also a must.

  • Durability

An RV recliner is a versatile type of home furniture as it allows an occupant to both sit and lie down as he/she wishes. It is a kind of furniture that can easily be worn off. Thus, durability is a huge factor when buying RV recliners. When it comes to durability, an RV recliner with supportive high-density foam can let you easily get up without being too drawn in the recliner.

How do RV Recliners Work?

This type of chair has a backrest that can be slanted back. Most of the RV recliners have footrests that can be extended automatically when the headrest tilts back, or that may be extended through navigating the lever that is attached on the side of the chair.

Other modernized RV recliners also have distinguishing features that add convenience to any person. Some of their distinguishing features are lumbar support, independent footstool, and adjustable headrest. In a commercialized setting, RV recliners may even have features such as vibration, heat, and massage.

Who Uses an RV Recliner?

You may be curious as to who are those who usually use RV recliners. Well, to answer the question, that can be anybody. When this type of chair was created before, there was a particular goal to provide convenience to those who have medical needs. They are the elderly and those who are suffering from leg joint problems. However, since companies have noticed its appeal to the general market that basically wants comfort, companies start to produce more RV recliners.

RV recliners now appeal to almost everyone. It provides much comfort, and it can be used everywhere. For instance, a family that needs additional comfort in their living area while watching television can own an RV recliner.

This type of chair is more than comfortable to sit at as it is very versatile when it comes to usage. You do not need to bring your bed into your living room because when you have an RV recliner, the need to lie down can easily be pulled off.

In addition, other than its normal usage at home, recliners are considered a necessity in medical setting such as hospitals and nursing homes. This adds to the idea that any recliner should provide so much comfort when using, and also when moving it around. An RV recliner that can be easily moved around is a good feature for the elderly, so they will not have a hard time.

With the rise of different companies producing RV recliners in the market, as an interested first-time buyer, you may wonder what you should need to keep in mind. Well, you are reading the right article as this provides you a detailed guideline on what you should need to look out for in RV recliners.

Where to Purchase RV Recliners?

You may want to consider purchasing RV recliners either through online shop or a walk-in store. While you can scrutinize a product in a walk-in store, an online shop provides you more options without going to one store to another. It is a painless shopping that gives you a wide variety of selections.

Additionally, when buying RV recliners in an online shop, keep in mind whether the manufacturer ships to your area. There are those that do not ship to certain places. Thus, before you get yourself giddy with what you are eyeing for, make sure that it has a capacity to ship and deliver to your area. What more, also consider customers’ reviews so you have a better judgment on what you can benefit from this RV recliner that you are so interested about.

Customer reviews give so much insight to new buyers like you. Mostly, these reviews have better and legitimate judgments that can let you know if a product is worth your time and money. However, by looking at customer reviews, always balance it off with the guidelines you have just learned in this article.


RV recliners that add twice the comfort an ordinary sofa gives is considered the best buy. In buying home furniture, comfort should always come first.

That is why the best option of RV recliner from the list of products is the Majestic Chocolate Push Back Recliner. It offers great comfort because of its high-density cushion. Aside from that, it is also available in a stylish color that adds curb appeal to your home.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a recliner that doesn’t take up too much space and style is your top priority, then you can go for the Swivel Glider Recliner Chair. It can easily fit into small spaces, and it has a classic look that can easily complement the design of your home.

Your options are truly massive but do not let these huge options lure you to buy without considering the mentioned guidelines above. These tips are essential when buying an RV recliner.


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