Best Swivel Recliners – Buyer’s Guide

swivel recliner featured imageRecliners are a fantastic way to relax, offering a totally different experience than an uncomfortable kitchen chair, or the office chairs that most of us spend our days in. Built for maximum relaxation, a recliner is a great alternative to a large sofa or loveseat, and can augment a living room setup for maximum comfort and relaxation – at a surprisingly low cost, compared to most other types of furniture.
Choosing the best swivel recliners of 2017 is especially popular for versatile home entertainment centers and living rooms – these unique recliners are built with a sturdy, circular base that allows the entire recliner to swivel up to 360 degrees, giving you total control over the placement, angle, and rotation of your recliner.

Recliner NameWeightMaterialDimensionsDetails
Recliner Genius with Massager97 lbsLeather38 x 42 x 34 inches
Pulaski Birch Hill90.4 lbsFabric29 x 29 x 29 inches
Monarch Specialties Ivory Bonded88 lbsWhite Leather36 x 29 x 40 inches
Pulaski Harmony Swivel Glider88 lbsFabric32 x 34.5 x 40 inches
Divano Roma Bonded Leather100 lbsBonded Leather32 x 34 x 38 inches

1. Recliner Genius 360 Degree Swivel Massage Recliner

swivel rockerThis recliner by Recliner Genius is a large, overstuffed-style bonded leather recliner with plenty of bonus features, including heating and massage options controllable with the included remote, as well as cupholders built into each arm of the heavily padded arms.
It’s quite a looker, having a vintage, overstuffed recliner feel that makes it look perfect for a comfortable den or a man cave, and it comes in both a black leather option and a dark, mahogany brown, so you’re sure to find a color that will be suitable for the rest of your decor.
The leather material is sturdy and well-built, and conceals a high-quality foam padding that’s perfectly supportive – just the right amount of give and support to make you feel like you’re melting into your chair.
The massage option is surprisingly high quality, with an 8-point massage-knob style that is unobtrusive when it’s turned off, and quite relaxing when turned on, pinpointing high-stress, tense areas of your body. When combined with the light heating built into the seat, it makes for a very relaxing experience indeed.
The chair itself feels quite sturdy, with a high-quality metal frame and a sturdy ring-and-swivel setup that operates smoothly and effectively, never feeling wobbly or unsteady, unlike some cheaper chairs on the market. This is especially surprising given that this recliner comes with a rocking function – even when swiveling and rocking, the chair feels rock-solid.
The action of the recliner itself is smooth as well – button operated from the side, the footrest slides out quietly and the back of the chair sinks smoothly, and sinks down to nearly flat – about a 20-degree angle.
If you’re looking for an overstuffed-style, leather recliner with plenty of bonus features that aren’t just gimmicks, you’ll want to take a serious look at this swivel recliner by Recliner Genius.

2. Pulaski Birch Hill

swivel base reclinerThis recliner by Pulaski is a beautifully built, high-quality textile swivel recliner with a drop-in coil seating design that makes it supremely comfortable and gives it a long lifespan.

Drop-in-coil springs are a method of providing additional support and give to upholstered chairs, sofas, and loveseats. These springs are large, helical coils mounted on a metal frame, which is then added to the furniture piece as a complete unit. These coils allow for a good amount of give and support on upholstered chairs, especially when paired with a high-quality foam padding to ensure no pokey springs get through.

It’s generously proportioned, too, with a broad back and wide seat. Taller folks looking for a large amount of head and neck support may find that its back is a bit short for them, but for those of average height, it’s perfect to provide enough support when lying down, and stays out of the way when sitting.

This swivel recliner is finished in a high-quality microfiber textile that’s soft to the touch, yet surprisingly durable, and finished with contrast piping that gives it a bit more visual interest than its solidly-colored competition.

Overall, the build quality is rock solid, from the reclining mechanism which operates smoothly, to the sturdy ring swivel on the base, which allows for a great range of motion without feeling unsteady or wobbly.

If you’re looking for a great, high-quality chair that’s well designed and sturdy, the Birch Hill by Pulaski is a great choice.

3. Monarch Specialties Ivory Bonded Leather

swivel glider chairWhen you think of a recliner, the words “elegant” “refined” and “graceful” probably aren’t the first ones that pop into your head. For a long time, recliners have been associated with relaxation and comfortability – not head-turning design, or bold, modern looks.

Well, this swiveling recliner by Monarch Specialties has changed that. This chair looks like it belongs on the starship Enterprise, with a thoroughly contemporary design that’s elegant and streamlined, and a bold, crisp ivory color that’s brilliant to look at. The beautiful leather material is accented by the chromed metal frame of this chair, visible in the high-quality swivel base.

It’s not just fancy, though – it’s darn comfortable. The recliner is built out of bonded leather with a heavy-duty foam padding underneath, and while it’s quite slim compared to overstuffed recliners, there’s plenty of room for just about anybody of normal height.

The recliner functionality is smooth and customizable – you can sit in this chair normally, or just pop the leg section up for more of a “glider” feel. When you’re ready to get really comfortable, just hit the button again and lean back as the chair lowers smoothly to a low angle perfect for total relaxation. It’s easy to recline, and just as easy to close, with a smooth reclining action that snaps back into place quickly. No muss, no fuss.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, functional recliner that’s suitable for even the classiest living room, this option by Monarch Specialties is a great choice.

4. Pulaski Harmony

revolving reclinerThe Harmony Swivel Glider by Pulaski is built with the same high-quality drop-in-coil design as its sibling, the Birch Hill, but it’s designed with a slightly more low-key, modern and upscale finish, with a sleek and elegant, almost linen-like finish and a non-contrast piping that’s understated and contemporary.
In addition to the drop-in coil structure, this recliner is generously padded, featuring plenty of high-quality foam encompassing the arms and back, and though it’s a bit more narrow than the Birch Hill, the back is higher – making it a good choice for those who are looking for a little more neck support, or who are taller and require a chair with a higher back.
The quality of the structure and moving parts of this recliner are great – the reclining mechanism itself allows you to raise the leg of the recliner without lowering the back, giving you more freedom to choose your preferred posture, and it slides in and out of the body of the chair easily. The swivel ring is also sturdy as a rock, offering very little wobble and gliding easily to provide plenty of control over the angle of your chair.
Overall, this is a fantastic chair for the price, and a worthy competitor to its sibling, the Birch Hill.

5. Divano Roma Bonded Leather Rocker

swivel sofaThis chair by Divano Roma furniture is a fantastic deal for the price, featuring a bonded leather construction, high-quality metal frame, and an overstuffed design filled with high-quality foam that’s lightweight and comfortable.
In addition to the swivel features of this chair, it incorporates a rocking mechanism – quite rare for a chair of this price, so it’s great if you’ve been looking for a rocking option.
It feels rock-solid too, with little give or wobble in either the swivel mechanism or the rocking mechanism, and the side-operated reclining mechanism is smooth, and allows you to choose your angle of seating.
While this bargain-priced recliner isn’t exactly game changing, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a simple, no-frills leather recliner, and it earns high marks from us for simplicity, quality, and ease-of-assembly.

Basics about Swivel Recliners

Swivel recliners are quite similar to other recliners in most respects – including the fact that there’s a tremendous amount of variation between different types of chairs, and different brands. However, most of the differences between these chairs can be summarized by four different categories, as listed below.

But not all swivel recliners are built alike – in fact, cheap swivel recliners often perform much more poorly than standard recliners, as the swiveling mechanism may feel loose or dangerous, and in rare cases, could fail completely.

But we’re here to take you through some of the basics about swivel recliners, and give you a better idea of what you should be looking for – and what to avoid – when shopping for a new chair. We’ll look at the basics, talk about different kinds of recliners, and finish up with some great product recommendations to get you started if you’re in the market for a swivel recliner. So read on, and learn with us.


The material is the primary differentiator between most swivel recliners. At a lower price range, you’re far more likely to see textile offerings, usually built out of a high-quality microfiber, or another high-quality fabric textile blend.

Textile chairs have the advantage of being very comfortable, retaining very little heat, and being less expensive, but they can be a bit hard to clean, often requiring extra slipcovers or protective features if you’re prone to spills.

At higher price ranges, leather becomes much more common, and is preferred by some for its durability, longevity, and unique appearance. In addition, leather is much better at resisting spills and stains than most textile offerings, as they can simply be wiped up from the exterior of the material before soaking through.

The main disadvantage leather chairs can have is that leather can get quite warm in hotter weather, or when sitting for extended periods of time, and it’s quite cold in winter months.

Still, leather is always popular as a great, stylish, and functional material for swivel recliners.

Chair Style

The style of the chair shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you’re looking to match the rest of your decor with your new chair. While an overstuffed, gigantic recliner may be great for a man cave, it might look a little out of place in the living room.

Generally, swivel recliners are lower profile than their burly, stationary cousins, and for good reason – the swivel rings at the bottom of the chair must support not only the weight of the chair, but the weight of the person sitting on it, all without failing or bending under strain.

So for the most part, swivel recliners are built in more lightweight, contemporary styles, featuring plenty of padding in a smaller, lighter design. When choosing a recliner, it’s important to note what room it’s going into, and the sorts of furniture that will be alongside it. By doing so, you’ll be able to pick the perfect style for you.

To Rock or Not to Rock

Rockers are very popular on stationary recliners, and there are some swivel recliners with rockers available. These devices allow you to gently rock back and forth on the recliner, naturally relaxing yourself.

However, some people don’t like having a rocker on a swivel recliner – rockers tend to increase the amount of “give” and movement that a swivel recliner has, and can lead to some people feeling a bit unsteady in their chair when relaxing, which isn’t ideal.

This is mostly a personal choice, so it’s really up to you and how you feel about rockers – some love them, some hate them, but it’s best to make up your mind before you make a large purchase.

Extra Features

Like all recliners, there are swivel recliners with a large variety of bonus features, including heaters, built-in massagers, cup-holders, and many other features. If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation experience, some of these extras might catch your eye, and they’re often quite nice to have.

Just remember – while having extra features is a great way to add value, there are companies out there who add on loads of bonuses to distract you from an overall poor design or workmanship – so make sure to do your research, and don’t buy a recliner just because it has a built-in fridge or a foot bath, or some other crazy extra bonus feature.


Hopefully you know a little more about swivel recliners, what to expect from them, and where to get started if you’re in the market for a new one. As you continue to shop, keep what you’ve learned from this article in mind, and you’re sure to find the perfect swivel recliner for you and your lifestyle.

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