Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Full Review

Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Full Review

Buying any piece of furniture is a big investment – so you want to make sure that whatever you pick is built to last, built for comfort, and gives you a great deal for the price. Whether you’re buying a new couch, a reading chair, or – you guessed it – an oversized recliner, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most for your money.

Well, when it comes to the world of recliners – including oversized recliners – we’re experts, and we’re here to help you through the process of purchasing your next favorite big chair. This in-depth look at the Flash Furniture Contemporary Softsuede Graphite Microfiber Rocker Recliner is sure to help you learn more about the chair itself, and where it fits in the wide world of the reclining chair market.

So read on, and enjoy our section-by-section breakdown of this spacious, comfortable chair. We’ll look at material, padding, styling, quality, and more as we take a deep dive into its features, advantages, and drawbacks.


The material of this chair is top-notch. It’s built of a soft napped suede that’s great to look at, and the microfiber material makes it cozy and soft to the touch while providing a small amount of water resistance. The material feels thick to the touch, as well – rather than just using a thin layer of fabric, slipcover-style, the material is thick and thoroughly integrated with the padding of the chair, giving in an almost dual-layer depth of softness.

The entire chair is covered in this material, which comes in both a gray and dark brown option, and feels well-covered. The seams are finished invisibly, and on our test chair, we saw no signs of strain or breakage in any of the seams.


Where quality (and sheer amount) of padding is concerned, this chair is far and away the most well-padded chair we looked at in our Top 5 Best Oversized Recliners roundup. The enormously overstuffed padding design is probably the most striking aspect of the design of the entire recliner.

Volume isn’t all that the padding has going for it, either – it’s made of a dense, high-durability foam that offers surprisingly great support, while still allowing you to sink into the feathery soft cushions.

The cushion design is also quite smart – unlike most overstuffed recliners, this recliner used a sort of three-lane cushion design, running from the reclining leg section through the seat and up the back. These individually separated cushions allow different parts of the chair to adjust to your weight distribution and help provide support and airflow to make sure you don’t get too warm while sitting in the chair.

It’s hard to overstate just how exceptional the padding design and quality is on this chair – if an incredible padding design is one of your top needs for your oversized recliner, this is certainly one of the best chairs on the market.

Quality of Build

Beyond the great material and padding design, this chair has been built with a lightweight wood-and-metal frame that offers great durability while weighing much less than some competitor’s products.

Indeed, given the high-quality frame and lightweight padding and finishing material, this is probably one of the best choices on our list if you have trouble moving heavy objects, or need to reposition your recliner frequently for whatever reason.

The reclining mechanism is lever-activated and responsive, with a smooth and satisfying action that allows it to be used sitting, reclining legs only, or fully reclined for a bed-like relaxation experience.

Style and Design

The style of this large recliner is pretty classic for an overstuffed/oversized recliner – meaning it’s not exactly a style statement. If your interior decoration style is very restrictive, or you are looking for a sleek recliner to put in an upscale living area, this is not the product for you – looks are not its forte.

But comfort is. If you’re looking for an absurdly comfortable chair for a low-key den, basement entertainment area, or man cave, the style of this chair doesn’t matter as much – just its incredible support and comfort.

This is not to say the design is unappealing – far from it. It’s simply meant for comfort over looks, and if that’s what you’re after, you’ve found the right chair.


This chair is a generously sized, overstuffed model, but it is a bit smaller in the seat area than some of the other oversized recliners we’ve looked at. It’s easily large enough to accommodate just about any single person up to 6+ feet and 250-300lbs, but it’s unlikely that two large adults would be able to share it, given the relatively shallow and narrow seat design.

Beyond that, it’s quite lightweight and surprisingly slim, though you’re not going to be able to rest it up against a wall if you’re looking to recline all the way. Like most recliners, the reclining function of this chair shifts it backward and requires a couple of feet of space to lay all the way back.

Extra Features

The lightweight yet robust construction of this chair has allowed it to be built with a rocker. This isn’t too common on larger, overstuffed chairs – the chairs are usually too heavy to handle the weight of a person sitting plus the weight of the chair itself and still have a smooth, durable rocking mechanism.

However, the rocker in this chair is rock-solid, providing a smooth rocking experience that’s most prominent when the chair is fully reclined, moving slowly as you inhale and exhale for a very soothing experience that’s free of wobbles or instability.


If heavy-duty padding and ultimate comfort are what you’re looking for in a textile recliner, this reasonably-priced recliner is a fantastic choice.

It’s lightweight, durable, and designed with ultimate comfort first and foremost over all else. While some may not be huge fans of its overstuffed, bulky design, those who love the classic look of oversized recliners are sure to be smitten by this high-quality recliner.

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