How to Clean Your Recliner

How to Clean Your Recliner

You have probably purchased a recliner, the best the money you had could buy and used it to your heart’s content. After many a nights, days and a total sum of hundreds of hours spent on the cushion you might be thinking about the stains, the unsettling odor and fading color of your recliner or your recliner cover if you have one in place. This is where we jump in to tell you how to clean your recliner. Even if you don’t have this problem just yet it is always best to know how to take care of your furniture to ensure it looks good, smells okay and lasts longer.

Recliners can be made out of leather, cloth or microfibers. There are also many other materials that could be involved but these are the most widely used one. You should know that cleaning a recliner costs very little money so don’t fret about the thing being high-maintenance.

The Slipcovers

If you have a recliner cover in place, then chances are the recliner itself hasn’t been stained or dirtied and it is the slipcover that has taken the brunt of use. To clean them up, all you need to do is take them off of the recliner and wash them into the washing machine. Let them dry and place them back on the recliner. Meanwhile, you can slightly dust off or vacuum the recliner and inspect to see if it’s fine.

In case you did not have covers on and the upholstery on the recliner was not protected, you can take the following steps to clean your recliner upholstery for recliners made out of cloth.

Cleaning Cloth Recliners

First you need to remove all the loose cushions of the recliners and set them aside. You must first take care of the loose dirt hanging on to your recliner by brushing through it or using a vacuum with a brush attachment to make sure the dirt gets out entirely. Take care of the all the surfaces of the recliner including the seating area, the sides, the back, the arms and any opening or cracks within the design.

Once your recliner has been thoroughly vacuumed, treat your cushions similarly and vacuum them before putting them back on the recliner. This was just a basic vacuuming to get the dirt out but for stains and smell and everything else you have to wash the recliner.

To do so, get a mild detergent but make sure it has no bleach or whiteners or else the color of your recliner will fade away. Now get some warm water and add one-fourth cup of the detergent and using a hand blender or mixer, mix them both. Create suds from the mixture and then use them to clean your upholstery by applying them to the upholstery. Use a soft cloth or sponge do that and just as we use mild detergents, make sure you scrub lightly and gently using a soft material. The dirt should then come up in the suds. Once you have thoroughly brought out all the dirt, use a dry towel to remove them alongside the moisture. Afterwards, let your recliner dry overnight indoors so it does not get any dirt while it is still slightly wet.

Cleaning Leather Recliners

To do this you need to get some warm water and a mild facial soap. Also use a soft cloth or rag to clean the furniture but sure it cannot damage the leather upholstery and then clean the recliner thoroughly. When we talk about cleaning leather recliners, we always recommend you to pay extra attention to the headrest and the armrest. Leather itself attracts dirt and body oils that users excrete and most of it gets settled in these locations, especially if you are a fan of eating greasy food and lounging on the recliner occasionally.

Afterwards, rinse off the recliner with water (lukewarm to cold) and then dry it off using a towel. Since we have not used any detergents this time, you might be thinking the color will not be affected. This is a common misconception, and using regular water can discolor your recliner due to its chemical contents. You need to make sure all the water you use for cleaning purposes is distilled.

You have cleaned the recliner and rinsed it off. The last check-up is to wipe the recliner off with a clean white towel and if nothing comes up you know it is clean.

Another way to clean a leather recliner is using one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil, mixing them together and wiping your recliner clean.

Regardless of the way you clean it, it is a good practice to apply a leather protectant to your recliner. Some general ways to keep your recliner clean is by wiping up liquid or food spills instantly, and not wait for them to make a permanent mark on your furniture. You might be tempted to use baby wiped to clean them off but that is a big no!

Cleaning Microfiber Recliners

Microfibers are fine fibers that can withstand spills but dirt, dust, severe stains and hair still can be a problem. You can easily mop spills up or apply a cleaning cloth but for dirt or food stuck to the surface you need to use a clean furniture/ soft-bristle brush to loosen them up. You also need to vacuum all over the seat and cracks. To remove hair use a lint roller or duct tape to pry it off and if you are in the mood to wet thins up use a soft washcloth, mild soap and some water to clean it up. After cleaning allow the recliner to dry. This upholstery is common in big man recliners, the material has give so expect to have to clean them.

These cleaning techniques should be enough to keep your furniture dry, but for severe cases or materials you are not familiar with it is always best to get a professional to do the job. Also before doing anything on any recliner, make sure you have read the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning thoroughly!

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