Signature Design by Ashley Hogan OS Recliner Review

Full Review – Signature Design by Ashley Hogan Collection Oversized Recliner

Purchasing a recliner can be a big investment, especially when purchasing a large recliner. These comfortable, spacious chairs are quite expensive, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a good idea of what you’re buying before you make the commitment.

We’re here with an in-depth review of the Signature Design by Ashley Hogan Collection Oversized Recliner, a chair previously profiled in our “Best Oversized Recliners” article.

We’ll take a comprehensive, section-by-section look at the features and design of this chair, and give you our opinion on what it’s great (and not so great) at. Let’s dive in.


This recliner is built out of a high-quality microfiber in a light brown color that’s quite nice to look at and is subtle enough to blend into just about any room.

The cloth itself is soft to the touch, and offers a bit of friction – it’s not slippery like leather, so you won’t be sliding around in your chair. The fabric itself is also quite visually interesting – it’s “napped” fabric – meaning that, depending on how the light hits it and how it’s moved around, it can change in color from a light mocha to a darker shade.

The material is also slightly water resistant – though any spills will have to be wiped up quickly to avoid them sinking into the fabric.

The only real drawback is that it seems like it would be pretty tough to clean in case of a severe stain or spill, especially given the lightly colored fabric. However, those who are very concerned about spills can purchase slipcovers and recliner protectants to mitigate these risks and protect their investment.


This chair offers excellent padding in a rather low-key package. The cushions are crafted from a dual-layer padding design that incorporates a dense, high-resiliency foam into the core. This foam is then wrapped with a layer of thick poly fiber for a tight and supportive, yet soft padding that is a great mix of comfort and support, and the overstuffed back and arms make this chair extremely comfortable.

Quality Of Build

This chair is built out of an all-metal construction with a metal drop-in unitized seat box for maximum comfort and durability, and to ensure that the cushions have proper support for longevity.

The chair feels rock-solid, with a reinforced footrest and tightly-secured back – no wobbling or wiggling when sitting or reclining, which is always a plus.

The reclining mechanism itself is very high quality. Opened with a standard side-lever, it pops up readily and is adjustable to a near-infinite number of positions ranging from simple sitting to total reclination. The lever and reclining mechanism themselves feel durable and respond quickly both to opening and closing, and will certainly hold up for tens of thousands of uses.

Style and Design

This recliner has a very interesting design – the rounded seat back, heavily cushioned upper back area and overstuffed cushions allow it to be comfortable and oversized while still maintaining a modern, stylish look.

The design of the recliner and reclining mechanism itself is especially interesting. The footrest itself is the width of the entire chair – this is in contrast to most recliners, which provide a footrest that’s about 75% the width of the chair.

This means you have a huge amount of choice over where you rest your feet, and can more easily sit diagonally or with multiple people.

This also makes it quite visually interesting, as it’s a non-standard design feature.

Overall, the chair is stylish and modern, while still providing a comfortable sitting experience, making it appropriate for just about any room in the house.


This chair is massive – it can easily hold two average-sized adults, provided they don’t mind getting cozy with each other and easily accommodate larger folks or multiple sitters with a 300lb+ weight capacity. The inside arm measurement is 28”, and the seat is 24” deep, so there’s plenty of space whether you want to share, or if you just want to spread out and relax on your chair.

Given its size, this chair is more appropriate for larger rooms – it’s nearly the width of some double/loveseat recliners, and that should be taken into account when making your purchase. If you’re buying a chair for a smaller apartment or room, you may want to measure the area to ensure this chair will fit.

Extra Features

This chair doesn’t have any “extra” features to speak of – given its large size, it doesn’t incorporate a rocker or swivel mechanism, and it doesn’t have cup holders, massagers, or some other features found in overstuffed recliners.

However, this isn’t really a problem – the simple design, huge sitting area, and comfortable build of this high-quality chair mean it doesn’t need bells and whistles to be a great choice if you’re in the market for an oversized recliner.


The Hogan Collection Oversized Recliner by Signature Design by Ashley Hogan is a fantastic chair at a reasonable price. It’s subtle, understated design means that it can fit in just about any room, and the body itself is built out of incredible comfortable dual-layer, plush padding in a durable, well-constructed package.

Also, the large size and sturdy design of this chair make it ideal for people looking to seat more than one person on a recliner, or who want extra space to stretch out and relax. Its large size could be a problem for some with smaller living areas, but is a great positive for anyone who has the space in which to put this high-quality oversized recliner.

The only real drawback is the microfiber material – while it’s comfortable and attractive, the napped fabric is likely to pick up plenty of dirt, and seems as if it could be easily stained, given the light color. While this can be prevented with a slipcover or recliner protector, this could be a problem for some who tend to get a bit messy in their chairs.

The durable construction, high comfort level, and modern design of this chair are pretty much unbeatable at the price, and we highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for a modern, roomy overstuffed recliner.

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