Signature Design by Ashley Exhilaration Collection Full Review

Full Review – Signature Design by Ashley Exhilaration Collection Oversized Recliner

Buying furniture is a big deal. What you buy doesn’t just have to be comfortable – it has to be durable, long-lived, and worth what you pay for it. Sometimes, when buying furniture, it’s not clear what you’re paying for – a brand name or actual quality.

This is as true of oversized recliners as it is of any other piece of furniture – with such a huge variation of products with different prices and markets in mind, it can be tough to find the right option for you. Learn more about big man recliners on this page.

Well, we’re here to help guide your way, with our detailed review of one of the most high-end models on our Top 5 Best Oversized Recliners list – the Signature Design by Ashley Exhilaration Collection Oversized Recliner.

We’ll take a look at the material, construction, padding, quality, size, and features of this high-end, oversized recliner, and help you understand what makes it different from others by looking at both its advantages and its drawbacks.


The material of this oversized recliner is perhaps its biggest draw – and probably the reason for the high price. Unlike some lower-end recliners on the market, this chair is crafted with high-quality full grain leather – not bonded leather or a polyurethane substitute.

The list of advantages that true full-grain leather offers as a chair material is huge – starting with durability. Full grain leather lasts forever when treated correctly, which is as simple as a yearly or bi-yearly treatment with a leather conditioner or simple oil.

If these maintenance steps are taken, your chair won’t just last forever – it will look even better as it continues to age, and the patina on the leather continues to change, darken, and distress, creating a gorgeous, distinctive look that simply can’t be achieved with other materials.

Beyond simple longevity, full-grain leather is extremely durable and forgiving, absorbing scratches and abuse easily, given the tough, giving elasticity of the material. It’s unlikely that the cushions or padding will ever rip or tear, given the quality of the thick leather material and the stitching.

Finally, full-grain leather can be cleaned very easily, and is both stain and water-resistant – most spills and accidents can simply be wiped up with a clean, wet cloth or rag. This is in contrast to textile chairs, which often require slipcovers or furniture protectors if there’s a likelihood of spills.

The only real disadvantages full-grain leather has is that it can be somewhat slippery compared to textiles, which may make adjusting yourself in the chair a bit difficult. Leather is a better conductor than textiles – it will feel colder in the winter and warmer in the summer than a textile, as it transfers heat much better than fabrics.

Overall, the material is excellent – and certainly, helps justify this chair’s position as a high-end product.


This recliner is beautifully padded. Ashley Furniture uses a methodology in creating cushions that allow for a double-layered design with a high-density foam on the interior that is wrapped tightly by a thick poly fiber for a tight, dense cushion that offers plenty of support and comfort.

The back and arms of this chair are surprisingly understated – they don’t bulge out like those of some other oversized recliners – but are still comfortable, and the seat itself gives plenty of support and comfort with the thick padding and integrated metal and spring-reinforced seat.

Quality of Build

As can be expected from a high-end recliner, the build quality of this chair is excellent. Crafted from an all-metal corner-blocked frame with a reinforced seat and footrest, it feels solid, and its heavyweight design feels sturdy and durable.

The reclining motion of the chair is smooth and doesn’t wobble or catch – after pulling the side lever, it simply glides open, and can be shut easily with gentle pressure from your legs.

Style and Design

The leather material and upscale design of this chair set it apart from other oversized chairs on the market. The dark leather and the white contrast stitching on this chair give it a great look which will only get better with age.

In addition, this chair has been styled with a large footrest that encompasses the entire bottom of the chair – much unlike most recliners, which offer a footrest that’s only about 75% the width of the entire chair.

This allows the chair to be easily used to relax and gives it a huge sitting and lying area, making it suitable for use as a bed if desired.


This recliner certainly lives up to its “oversized” name – it can comfortably fit two medium-sized adults, or a large adult and a child – really, just about any two people, as long as they don’t mind getting comfortable.

Weight could be an issue for multiple people – the chair itself isn’t recommended for loads of more than 300lbs – but the build quality is robust enough that it’s probably okay to surpass that by about 50lbs if necessary

As touched on above, the sheer size of this chair and the large recliner footrest make it a great option if you need a chair that can also be used as a bed – say, in a guest room or in a den for casual company to use. When fully reclined, it lays nearly flat and is large enough for even most tall people to comfortably stretch out, relax, and sleep.

Extra Features

This recliner features no extra features – no cup holders, rocker, swivel, massagers, or heaters. What it does offer is a great, convenient design, a spacious sitting area, and a gorgeous material all built into a durable frame.


If the price is no object and you’re looking for one of the very best leather recliners on the market – you’ve just found it. Sleek enough to reside in the most upscale sitting areas, but comfortable and large enough to be used to relax (or as a bed), this chair doesn’t come cheap – but it’s worth every penny.

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